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Refund and Returns Policy

Madly Learning sells digital products to teachers.  Our refund and return policy are simple.

A purchased product or program cannot be returned or refunded once it has been accessed by the purchaser. 

All Madly Learning products that are sold to the end-user (Teacher) are ACCESSED under one of two conditions.

  1. If the program you purchased is housed in a learning management software (LMS) such as Ignited Literacy or Ignited Math you are considered to have ACCESSED all materials within the LMS after your initial login.  Your download status of weekly or monthly materials or use of the materials is irrelevant when considering a refund or return.  We do not have the capacity or ability to monitor individual user behaviour while on the site (that’s creepy and a violation of your privacy).
  2. If you purchased a product as a direct download, your product is considered ACCESSED when you download the file.  Your use of the product or its relevancy to your students or classroom needs is not a factor that is considered when determining your qualification for a refund.

Unlike books or other hard goods, digital products cannot be returned or refunded once they have been accessed.

However, there are some circumstances where we will consider offering a refund.  We ONLY issue refunds on the following conditions. 

  1. You have made a duplicate purchase.
  2. You have not downloaded the product (non Ignited Programs) OR logged into/assigned your grade within the LMS the program is hosted on (Ignited Programs).  Once you have logged into the grade level content within the LMS (For Ignited Math or Ignited Literacy) you have accessed the program and your ability to request a refund is void.
  3. All refund requests for products paid in full on the Madly Learning store must be made within 30 days from the date of initial purchase.  Any purchases made with Paybright are not able to be refunded.

*** All processed refunds will incur a 10% administration fee 

We do not offer refunds when: 

  1. Your job assignment or duties changed.  Madly Learning is not responsible for your personal teaching circumstances or job changes.  This includes reorganization, end of a contract, job change, medical leave, personal financial issues, or your choice not to implement the program.
  2. Your use of the program.  Madly Learning is not responsible for your choice to stop using the program or resource, nor are we responsible if the ability of your class is not working at or demonstrating the skills of the grade level assigned to the package.  If you decide for any reason to stop using the resource or decided that this resource was not a good fit with your current classroom, these are not grounds for a refund.  Your purchase granted you lifetime access to this program or resource we encourage you to use it in future years or seek support from team Madly Learning to support you in properly implementing it.
  3. You have logged in to the learning platform (Ignited Literacy or Ignited Math) but you have yet to download any of the files.  Your refund request is based on your ACCESS to the materials NOT download status.  Regardless of your action to download the materials or not once you log in and establish you have access to the program NO refund will be granted.  This is non-negotiable.
  4. You are rude, disrespectful or abusive towards Madly Learning team members.  You are expected to deal with our customer service team responsibly and respectfully.  Your responsibility as a professional educator is expected and will be reciprocated.  If anyone of the team members considers your actions to violate these terms you forfeit your qualification for a refund.  This includes but is not limited to: threats, demands, insults, threatening or attempting to defame a team member or of Madly Learning, the company.


Payment Plans and Subscriptions:

Monthly Membership Subscription Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Procedure: Members wishing to cancel their monthly recurring subscription must do so within their account settings on our platform. No other methods of cancellation (e.g., email, phone, etc.) will be accepted or recognized.

Upon successful cancellation:

  1. Members will immediately lose access to the membership platform and will not be able to access or use any of the features, benefits, or content therein, including previously accessed materials.
  2. Members will no longer have access to the library of resources that were available as part of the membership. Any and all materials, documents, videos, and other resources within the program library will be inaccessible. If members would like to retain access to this content, they are encouraged to download and store it on their own devices. 
  3. Any downloaded or saved content from the platform will remain for personal use only. Still, members are prohibited from sharing, redistributing, or reproducing the content in any form or manner.


  1. No Pro-rated Refunds: Please note that we do not provide pro-rated refunds for any unused portion of the month. Once your subscription is cancelled, no further charges will be made to your account, but you will not be reimbursed for any portion of the current billing cycle.
  2. Responsibility to Cancel: It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their subscription has been successfully canceled. Members are encouraged to double-check their account status within their settings after attempting a cancellation. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred due to failed or incomplete cancellation attempts.
  3. Re-joining After Cancellation: Should you decide to re-join our platform after canceling, you will be required to sign up anew and may be subject to any changes in pricing, terms, or conditions that have been updated since your initial membership.


Payment Plans


Cancellation Constraints: Upon the assignment of grade levels, cancellations are not allowed. All associated payments must be completed as agreed.

For those utilizing payment plans: While it’s possible to halt upcoming payments (except for those made via Paybright), such an action is considered a violation of the full payment commitment.


  1. Access Termination: Access to the program, including any previously available materials, will be withdrawn.
  2. Non-refundable: Payments already made will not be refunded.
  3. Debt Collection: Should payments remain outstanding, we retain the right to engage a collections agency.


Modifications to Policy: We reserve the right to modify or update this Cancellation Policy at any time, and any changes will be effective immediately upon posting. It is the member’s responsibility to review this policy periodically to remain informed.

Questions & Support:

For any questions or support related to your subscription or this policy, please contact our customer support team directly.

By using our site and purchasing products here, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Membership Subscription Cancellation Policy.


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