Everything You Need To Know About The New Ontario Language Curriculum For Grades 3-6 in 2023

So, big news, right? There is a new Ontario Language Curriculum and it has gotten a makeover for 2023, and it’s not just our K-3 pals who need to sit up and take notice. If you teach kids in grades 3-6, you’re probably wondering, “How’s this gonna affect me?”

Changing Up How We Teach Literacy from Grade 3 Onwards

With the 2023 updates to the Ontario Language Curriculum, those of us in the 3-6 grade range have our own set of changes to chew on. But hey, change isn’t always a bad thing! We’ve got new opportunities to mix things up and make our classes more engaging for our kiddos.


Kids Front and Center: The New Way to Teach

One of the buzzwords flying around in the new Ontario Language Curriculum for 2023 is “student-centred learning.” It’s all about making the kids the stars of their learning journey. Gone are the days of just talking at them; now it’s all about interactive lessons that get them thinking and doing.


Let’s Talk Communication Skills

The new Ontario langauge curriculum is all about boosting kids’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. So, we gotta be creative! Whether it’s using tech, rolling out structured literacy methods, or getting them to chat about real-world topics, it’s all about diversifying how we teach.


Tech-Savvy Teaching with Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is officially in the spotlight. Our job? To make sure our students can navigate the online world safely and smartly. That means lessons on evaluating what they read online and helping them get comfy with digital tools.


Bringing Indigenous Perspectives Into the Mix

New to the curriculum is an emphasis on Indigenous perspectives and culture. If we’re gonna teach our students to appreciate the diversity of Canada, including Indigenous cultures is key. Think about bringing in guest speakers, books, or even language lessons to enrich the class.


Resources and Training for Us Teachers

Don’t sweat the changes too much. We’ve got you covered.  Our Ignited Literacy program already covers the new curriculum already.  But we are taking it one step further and adding even more with our addition Ignited Spelling.  This resource will add even more spelling, and morphology learning to our Ignited Literacy programs.  You can check out our Ignited Literacy program at www.ignitedliteracy.com


Wrapping it Up: Change is Good!

So there you have it. Big changes, but exciting ones! This new curriculum gives us the tools to create more engaging, inclusive, and, let’s face it, fun classrooms. So let’s roll up those sleeves and dive into the new way of teaching literacy in junior grades in Ontario!

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