My New BFF: Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning is every teacher's BFFs! Click through to learn the 5 key components and start using it in your teaching. | elementary | mark | teachers | student

Assessment for Learning is my new BFF.  I have just completed a teacher inquiry on this topic while completing additional qualifications.  What an eye-opener.  I thought I knew how to implement Assessment for Learning.  After completing this inquiry I have learned so many new tips, tricks, and techniques that I cannot wait to use them in the classroom.  The best part is that these strategies make it easier in my opinion to differentiate for all types of learners in your classroom including ELLs, Special Ed, etc.

My key learning is this…

Assessment for learning has FIVE components.

When you use these five components you are beginning to implement quality assessment.  How you do this is individual according to researchers.

Do you include all of these in your assessment practices?  I know that I will be trying!!
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