Ep 152: Modifying and Accommodating for Students Reading At or Below Grade Levels

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Let’s Talk Modifications and Accommodations!

Imagine this: all you’re students are at the exact same academic level. Unfortunately, we as teachers know better than anyone it is simply a dream. The reality is that despite the grade level you have been assigned, students can be in a variety of places with their learning. Especially in reading. This can be due to factors such as a learning disability, intellectual delays, ESL, autism, or even genuine disinterest. Because of this, we should be looking at all of our students ‘backpacks’ so that we are effectively planning and modifying for all the various needs in our classrooms.

Join Patti this week on her Podcast. Listen to her break down some strategies to save you time and stress planning, and learn how to effectively modify and accommodate various readers in your classroom.


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