188: Meet the Madly Learning Team

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Have you ever wanted to meet the team behind Madly Learning?

You get to in this episode! I have some of my amazing team members joining me to talk about all things teamwork and teaching. You will get to hear things like what their roles are on the team, what they’ve learned during the pandemic, and some of their favorite things about teaching. 

Madison is part of the content team, and she helps us get everything done. She has taught in a bunch of different grades since the beginning of her teaching career. 

Margaret helps us with all things tech. If you’ve ever sent us an email or noticed a broken link on our website, Margaret was probably working her magic behind the scenes. She keeps us organized.

Lisa is on our content team, and she writes some of our lesson plans. You might have seen some of her work! She taught for 30 years, mostly in junior grades, and she has done it all. 

Katrina helps us out with our social media. You might have seen some of her posts in the Madly Learning Facebook group. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Using a team to get everything done 
  • Who I have on my team
  • Lessons learned from teaching during the pandemic 
  • What it’s like to teach junior grades 
  • Our secrets to staying comfy in the classroom 
  • Teacher’s trade secrets 
  • Leaving your mark on your classroom


I’m so grateful for my team and my community. I literally could not do it all without them and you. 

Happy summer! I hope you enjoy it because I know you deserve it. 

Come find me on social media and let me know what you thought of meeting the team. I love hearing from you! If you having any requests for future episodes, share those with me too there!


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