Graphic Organizers with ELL Students

Using graphic organizers with ELL students is a great idea to help them visualize concepts. Click through for a free graphic organizer to start! | elementary | free | blank | science | templates

I find that using graphic organizers with ELL students are a great idea.  It seems that teaching students to infer is a big focus in many classrooms.  So the question is how do you update your graphic organizers so that ELLs can use them as well.

 My answer is to add pictures which gives clues as to what content goes into each area of the graphic organizer.  These pictures will help to cue the ELL to remember how to fill this out.  I have included the graphic organizer here for you.

To modify this further for beginner students you can add sentence frames or allow the student to write in their first language.

If you use this please leave me a comment and tell me how it worked!!

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