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Pretty and Organized in the Classroom

So I really like making things look pretty and organized in the classroom. For the last few years I have been an ESL support teacher so I have had a very small space to organize and make look pretty. (even though it hasn’t always looked pretty day to day).   So as I am getting ready to return to the classroom in the fall I am beginning to make some labels and stuff for my bulletin boards to help make my room look pretty.

I know that teaching and learning is my primary goal as a teacher.  Some may argue that decorations are secondary. I agree that the predominant decoration on my walls will be student work, anchor charts, success criteria, and learning goals. However I also believe that just as I decorate my home I want to decorate my classroom. I want students to feel that their classroom is their home away from home; A Pretty place to be.

I have been inspired by so many great blogs about organization and decoration.

Here is one that I love from a great blog

I found these pictures from a great blog  They are an amazing example of how to carry a theme throughout your classroom.  Although I cannot hang anything from the ceiling, but it is a great example.  I also love owls and trees in the classroom (as you might tell from my blog banner) so I will be using this as inspiration for decorations.  You can also check out my Pinterest for more ideas that inspire me about classroom decor.  I think over the next few months this may be a work in progress… I will post picture of my classroom when it is set up and ready for September 2012.

My intentions is to share these for others in case you too want to make your room pretty.  At this point I am thinking to use a owl /dots theme.  I made these labels but I might change the colour scheme when I find out what grade I will be teaching.

I did change the colour scheme inspired by the colours used in the classroom picture above….check it out in my latest post I’ve been busy…Summer Planning.

Here are some of the labels that I created for my classroom.  Click on the photo to view them on my TPT store.

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