Don’t Forget the Few

Today I learned a lesson in my classroom from a student.  I remembered that I need to remember the few students in my classroom that celebrate different celebrations throughout the year.

This Friday my class is going on a field trip for science.  I also was reminded that this Friday was Eid.  oh no!! I scheduled a field trip on an important religious holiday.  How could I forget?  I spent the last few years ensuring that these things didn’t happen to students and now I have done it myself. 🙁

Additionally while talking to this student about Friday another student asked ‘What’s Eid’.  Oh no!! not only did I forget but my other students don’t know what this celebration is.  I believe that all celebrations should be recognized and celebrated not just the celebrations of the majority.

Well this pushed me to action today.  As a school we need to make all teachers and students aware of these important holidays.  In my previous schools I included these on the staff calendar and we made announcements the day before outlining important information and wishing students a happy holiday.

I have included it here for you.  I would ask that all of you include these in your morning announcements. To build a culture of respect and understanding.  It will make a world of difference to the few we so often forget.


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