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Create Easy Final Projects You and Your Students Will Love

How do you assess student learning? Do you use a final unit task or test? Traditionally, teachers have relied on tests or standardized projects where all students produce the same outcome. However, what if there was a way to differentiate final assessments and provide students with choices that truly showcase their knowledge? In this blog post, we will explore the concept of “show-what-you-know” projects and discuss nine different options to help you create an easy final uit task or project that both you and your students will love. These projects will not only assess student understanding but also provide a platform for individuality and creativity.


final unit task and easy projects

Understanding the Show-What-You-Know Project

At the end of a unit of study, teachers often administer a final test or assign a project to gauge students’ application of learned concepts. Differentiated show-what-you-know projects offer personalized learning experiences, unlike traditional uniform final unit tasks. Also, by offering a variety of project choices, teachers acknowledge the diverse strengths and needs of their students.


Assessing Skills, Not Just the Project

The key to a show-what-you-know project or final unit task lies in assessing students’ skills, knowledge, understanding, thinking abilities, and communication skills rather than solely focusing on the final unit task. The project serves as a vehicle through which students can demonstrate what they know. Also, this approach ensures that students can communicate their understanding in a way that suits their individual learning styles and strengths.


Nine Options for Show-What-You-Know Projects

  1. Create a Sports Jersey: design a sports jersey for their favorite provincial team, incorporating important features and symbols.
  2. Produce a Podcast: record a podcast to discuss and explain their understanding of the topic, showcasing their oral communication skills.
  3. Design a Social Media Grid: create an Instagram or TikTok-like grid featuring images and captions that represent their knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  4. Develop a Picture Book: craft a picture book that tells a story or highlights important aspects of the topic, using illustrations and written descriptions.
  5. Write a Song: compose a song or rap that conveys their understanding of the subject matter. This helps them express their creativity and musical talents.
  6. Design a Poster or Billboard: create a visually appealing poster or billboard that effectively communicates key information and highlights relevant features.
  7. Construct a 3D Model or Diorama: build a 3D representation of the subject. Incorporate different elements and present their understanding in a tangible form.
  8. Produce a Movie Trailer: create a trailer that captures the essence of their knowledge and understanding, integrating visuals, descriptions, and sound effects.
  9. Free Choice: Students propose their own unique project idea, subject to teacher approval. This allows for a personalized and self-directed approach to demonstrate their learning.

Click on the image below to get these mini project ideas!


Agreed-Upon Success Criteria

Establish an agreed-upon success criteria checklist for students’ projects to ensure consistency and clarity of required skills. The success criteria should align with the learning objectives and assess the essential skills rather than specific project details.


Show-what-you-know projects provide an effective way to assess student learning while allowing for differentiation and personalization. By offering diverse project options, teachers can tap into students’ strengths and interests, leading to deeper engagement and improved outcomes. Remember to focus on assessing skills rather than solely evaluating the final product. Implementing these easy final projects will create a memorable and meaningful learning experience for both you and your students. Embrace the creativity and individuality that show-what-you-know projects bring to your classroom!


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