EP 158: Top 5 Time Saver Tips For Lesson Planning

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Tired? Burning out? Missing your family and free time?

As teachers, it’s not uncommon but often expected; for us to give up our personal time to attend to school-related tasks. This could be anything from the photocopying you stay late to do on a Friday night, to the Saturday you give up with your family to get that marking and/or planning done for the next week. Often we as teachers work ourselves to the bone under unrealistic expectations for ourselves to get this work done quickly while still keeping up a high level of engagement with our students. However, something has to give, and often it’s our own health and family that end up suffering. Remember: working harder does not make you a better teacher!

This week, join Patti as she dishes out her top 5 tips to help keep your lesson planning workload under control, while still keeping the lessons engaging, and reclaim those after work hours for you and your family!


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