30 Days of Place Value

Everyday for Bell Work in my 4/5 class, I use a mastering math sheet to review basic concepts and previously taught skills.  The page is the same every day but the daily number changes.  These also follow the three part lesson plan format that is popular today in classrooms.  The first page of the sheet is great for the Getting started section of a three part lesson plan.  It reviews key concepts and the fundamentals of the unit.  Additionally because it is repeated every day students are able to gain mastery with these familiar questions throughout the unit.  The second page of the math sheets include a word problem and a reflection section.  These are great for the Working on It and Reflection of the morning math sheets.  Students can work on the problem as a class, as a group, or individually.  Many of the questions are open ended and encourage thought and discussion for students. Word problem questions are also repeated so that students can apply skills learned from previous days with larger numbers.

My first unit of the year is Place Value and This first package has 30 different pages including a blank page that you can print and add your own number or questions.

Mastering Math Sheets - 30 Days of Place Value

30 Days of Place Value

This package gives you 30 different activities that review concepts of 2 and 3 digit numbers and introduce and build up to 5 digit numbers.  These are not a complete unit however they would provide you with 30 days of practice and  problem based math that is easily differentiated and great for multiple ability classrooms.

If you are looking for other place value activities that you could add to also use to supplement this package including games, task cards, and other activities please check out some of my fellow bloggers items here. These are great to supplement your place value unit and would be a great companion to my Mastering Math Sheets.

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Happy Counting 🙂

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