Discover the Ultimate Collection of Nine Low-Prep Mini Projects

Are you in search of a reliable, effective, and incredibly simple way to assess your students’ knowledge? How about a tool that not only gauges their understanding but also their application skills? Look no further!

Introducing the Ultimate Collection of Nine Low-Prep Mini Projects for Junior Classrooms.

What's Included?

  1. Effortless Preparation: Save hours with ready-to-use projects. No more late-night planning!
  2. Diverse Topics: A variety of subjects ensuring every student finds interest and every teacher finds relevance.
  3. Versatile Assessments: Ideal for both formative and summative evaluations. Get a comprehensive view of each student’s learning journey.
  4. Engaging Formats: Projects crafted to keep students engaged and excited about learning.
  5. Adaptable Resources: Tailor each project to your specific classroom needs and student levels.

Your Nine Mini Projects Include

Sports Jersey

Students can apply what they have learned about a topic to create a sports jersey that represents what they know.

Skit Storyboard

Students can plan a skit through this storyboard to share a lesson or concept learned abou the topic with others.

Podcast Interview

Students can share what they know through a question and answer interview format for a podcast.

Write a Song

Get creative and become your own signer-songwriter to share information about the topic studied.

Social Media Grid

Stop all the scrolling and create a social media grid for the topic you are learning about. Students share graphics that represent important facts about the topics.

Digital or 3D Diorama

Create a traditional diorama or a modern-day digital one. Use the diorama map to layout images of a topic that demonstrates understanding.

Billboard or Poster

Create a billboard or poster with a call to action you would like others to take.

Write a Story

Tell a story about a problem related to the topic you are studying and write a story to illustrate how this problem can be solved.

Research Report

Think of a topic or theme related to your subject and create a research report of your own design to share what you have learned in a traditional way.

Simple Differentiation

Assessing students doesn’t need to be a one size fits all solution.  You can allow more student choice in your classroom by using these nine amazingly simple projects to help you assess the knowledge students possess.  

Why Teachers Love This Resource!!!

Saves Time: No need to start from scratch or sift through countless resources online.

Boosts Confidence: Feel assured knowing you’re providing quality, engaging content.

Enhances Understanding: Projects designed to foster deep understanding and real-world application.

Creates Joyful Learning: Watch your students’ eyes light up with excitement and curiosity.