Teaching is already hard enough

Make Good Teaching Easier

We make it easy for overwhelmed and overworked teachers to get back to good teaching without adding more time, energy or work.

Does this sound familiar?

You are constantly expected to do more...

You have questions but feel silly asking...

You lack the support you really need to do a great job...

Something Needs to Change

Teaching is hard these days. After two years of restrictions and pandemic teaching, it’s time to get back to what good teaching looks like. 

While the pandemic had our hands tied with what we could do in our classrooms we reverted to simply print and go work packs. Quick photocopies, hand to students, and have them do something at their desks without moving. 

But now that the restrictions are lifted it is time to get back to good teaching. Teaching that is engaging, interactive, and effective. 

But so many teachers think that this type of teaching is too hard. 

Good teaching takes more time, more effort, and more commitment. None of which today’s teachers have. 

But what if good teaching was easy too? 

What if you could 

  • simplify your systems
  • reduce your planning stress
  • get your time back all 
  • use great rockstar-quality teaching strategies? 
All without adding more time, energy or work to your already full schedule.

Good teaching can be easy. So let me show you how to go from being overwhelmed and overworked to simply good teaching.

That's Why You Need The
Platinum Learning Club

If you are tired of feeling stuck in a worksheet rut, drowning in planning and marking, circling the drain of burnout.

The PLC is here to help!

While teaching is hard we don’t have to make it harder.  

We want to make good teaching easy, engaging and effective. We do this by helping good teachers who need the support through our resources and coaching support.  

If you are a teacher that 

  • Wants to use the best teaching strategies
  • Wants to learn how to implement more inquiry in your classroom
  • Wants to support differentiation for your students. 
  • Wants to spiral instruction

But also needs to do this using simple and easy solutions this is the right place for you.  Good teaching doesn’t need to take more time so let us show you how. 


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What other teachers are saying...

It has given me so much of my time back
It allowed me to have the support systems as well as extra bonus materials to help with my teaching and programming. The feeling that I wasn’t alone trying to navigate through everything. Your program is amazing and for me being a mother of 4 it has given me so much time back to be present with my family. Thank you to you and your entire team.
Lot's of Ideas
Lots of ideas.... I love the openness to suggestions, accommodating all of our specific needs, offered ways to help that I didn’t know I needed until you showed me. I loved that I could log in and see the plc when I needed to and couldn’t make the meeting live. Showing me how to breakdown a few more of the skills
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It’s okay to not have it all figured out

  • But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice good teaching
  • It doesn’t mean you need to give up hours to plan, prep and organize your teaching life while ignoring your own

I was in your shoes. I was a beginning-year teacher giving everything I had. Eager to do all the things. Until I realized that I was quickly burning out and missing out on important time with family and friends.

It got better with time but I was still treading water trying to keep all the balls up in the air.

As a teacher, I don’t want to cut corners, I want to deliver the best instruction possible using only the most high-yield strategies. I am driven to differentiate so all my students can learn and feel included. I won’t stop until I have made good teaching easy for myself and easy for other teachers.

I know good teaching can be easy. I will accept nothing less for myself or for the teachers I work with.

What's Included in Your Monthly PLC

Actionable, Easy to Implement Teacher Training

Let us show you how to simplify your teaching so you can make good teaching in your classroom easier.
Get classroom tested strategies and solutions from a team of experienced classroom teachers. Each month we will focus on different parts of teaching to support you in using high quality teaching strategies with no extra time to prep and plan.

Bonus Monthly Downloadable Resources

Get the support in downloadable bonuses each month that will help you simply implement good teaching strategies in your classroom.
From tracking pages, organizational tools or time saving resources every classroom needs. These tools will support you in leveling up your teaching every day in your classroom.

Positive, Supportive Community

You can stop doing it all on your own. Our community of like minded teachers are all here to support you in implementing good teaching strategies in their classroom. Share ideas, ask questions and get the support you need from a community of teachers just like you who share the same desire of good teaching.

1:1 Coaching and Support Chat

This is a judgement free zone where you can ask all your questions. Get mentorship and coaching from experienced teachers who are here to support you. Troubleshoot issues, get ideas to implement your favourite Ignited Programs and pick the brain of the found of Madly Learning and the popular Ignited Literacy and Ignited Math programs.

Teachers who feel like they're drowning, welcome to the boat

Join the Platinum Learning Club

Ignited Teachers: Platinum Learning Club

A community of teachers that want good teaching to be easy.

Join the Platinum Learning Club and get the support you need to make good teaching easier.  

  • Get 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Support
  • Monthly Bonus resources
  • Live Community Events
  • Convenient Program Library
  • Professional Development and Tutorial Trainings
  • Community of Like Minded Teachers
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