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Part #1

Key Elements of a Strong Math Program: Concepts, Fluency, and Support

3 Things You Will Learn In Part 1

Idea 1: Emphasize conceptual understanding and procedural fluency

A strong math program should focus on helping students grasp the concepts behind mathematical procedures, while also ensuring they can confidently know their math facts. It's important to strive for a balance between comprehension and procedural fluency.

Idea 2: Individualize instruction and support:

Get to know your students and their unique needs. Use assessment data to tailor your teaching, providing personalized instruction that helps bridge learning gaps. Maintain high expectations while being responsive to students' individual requirements.

Idea 3: Cultivate a growth mindset and diverse approaches

Encourage students to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and develop their own problem-solving strategies. Value conceptual understanding and critical thinking over speed and memorization. Provide opportunities for collaboration, problem-solving, and reflection to nurture confidence and empower students as math learners.

Up Next...
In the next video of this series, From Chaos to Cohesion: The Benefits of Spiraling in Math Education you'll uncover the key strategies for implementing spiraling in your math classroom with confidence. Learn practical tips and techniques to connect multiple math strands in a way that captivates your students' attention and deepens their understanding. Click the button below to unlock the potential of spiraling and revolutionize your math instruction.

Hey there! I’m Patti Firth, the owner of Madly Learning and author of Ignited Math. I’m super excited to connect with you and share my love for teaching and education.

As a seasoned educator, I’ve seen firsthand the amazing impact teachers can have on students’ lives. I understand the unique challenges teachers face when it comes to teaching math, and that’s why I created this Free Training and our Ignited Math program to support you. From interactive lesson plans and hands-on activities to engaging games and puzzles, we’ve got you covered. Our resources are carefully crafted to align with the Canadian elementary math curriculum, ensuring that your students are mastering key concepts while having a ton of fun along the way.

But Ignited Math is more than just a collection of resources. It’s a thriving community of educators passionate about making math come alive in the classroom. 

I’m truly honored to be a part of your teaching journey. Let’s make a real difference in our students’ lives and ignite a lifelong passion for learning. Welcome to Madly Learning’s Ignited Math programs! Can’t wait to dive in with you

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