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If you're like most junior teachers here's why you maybe stuck...

Math has a lot of moving pieces and stuff to organize. You need a system that makes it easier.


"I am drowning in math papers"

Having a system in your classroom that will keep a handle on all the papers you use will help you to feel more organized.


"My Students are always losing their stuff"

When everything has a place in your math classroom it's easier to keep track of it all.


"Math centers are hard to organize"

You and use a simple bin system to help you organize all of your centers activities so they are easy to store and quick at hand.
I was tired of drowning in math pages day after day. They were everywhere and nothing had a place.
So I decided to create a system that would help me keep my math classroom organized and easy to implement.
Grab this freebie and start on your journey to math simplicity and organization.

Patti Firth

Your First Step Towards An Organized Junior Math Classroom

Here is what you will find in this Freebie
Math Bulletin Board- What are you working on this week
A Central Place On Your Walls For Math
This is where it all starts. Create the hub of your math classroom. This Bulletin board set comes with everything you see here including the M.A.T.H headers, Centers Label Cards, Social Emotional Learning poster, CHASE problem solving strategy anchor charts. This board fits perfectly on a 3ftx4ft trifold board for ease of use.
Student Notebooks - Organize Student Materials
Keep Your Students Focused and Organized
Included in this Organization station are notebook covers and a 4 pocket centers folder with helpful reference pages for students to use while working on their centers activities. Use the four pocket math folder to store all of your centers materials for the week and then when they are done they can hand in their work.
Organize Your Centers- Centers Rotation Cards
Help Your Students What To Do
If you are running math centers, then you need centers rotation cards. These simple centers rotation cards fit just about anywhere. Add them to a small whiteboard, put them in a pocket chart or create a dedicated space on your board. These cards are easy to see and will help to keep your students on track in their centers all week long.
Keep Track Of Assessment- Hanging File Folder Bin Label and System
Keep Your Assessment In One Place
Use our Hand In Math Bin label to label your hanging basket of student work. This dedicated bin is where all of your student work for the week is located. Students will hand in their work by putting their stuff in their own folder so you have it to mark and assess as needed. Included in the Math Organization station is the Hand In Bin Label and Assessment System Instructions.
Bin Labels - Keep All Your Stuff Organized and In the Right Place
Label All The Bins and Baskets
Included is all the labels for the bins and baskets that will help you organize your math program. Using bins with attached lids is a great solution to help you keep your math centers materials organized and together. Included in this Organization Math Station is all of your bin labels for each center.
This Is Too Good To Be Free
You are right, normally this package would sell for $10 on my TPT store. But I decided instead to give it all away for FREE.
You get everything listed above included, for FREE. As my gift to you. I want to help you on your math journey and that starts with an simple organized system for math success.
Patti Firth

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