Langauge Arts

A free Webinar Training for Teachers so they can Confidently Navigate Literacy Changes In The Junior Grades

Attention Canadian Grades 3-6 Teachers!

We get it, the way we teach language arts is changing and you are left wondering what to do and how to teach it. We’ve got you covered. Let us help you confidently navigate these changes so you can jump right in and teach your junior classroom witht the knowledge that you are doing it the right way.

Join this power-packed FREE webinar, and you'll discover how to:
1. Shift to Structured Literacy
Learn what you need to stop doing now, start doing tomorrow to make a shift in the way you do things.
2. Simplify Planning
Learn how dissect new ideas in the curriculum and plan them out a systematic way to teach literacy with a plan for the year, the week and the day
3. Confident Assessment
Learn how you can capture student learning during instructional time and break down what needs to be assessed and how to do it

But Wait, There's More!

When you register for the free webinar we have some bonuses just for you! 

Bonus Literacy Organization Station

When you attend the live webinar training we will share an exclusive gift with you. Included in this free resource is
- Bulletin board command center
- Centers Rotations Cards
- 4 Pocket Writing Folders
- Student Work Collection System

Free Facebook Group

Join our exclusive escape room pop-up group called Changing Tides.
Connect with fellow teachers who are on the same learning journey as you. Enjoy bonus trainings and win some amazing prizes.

Great Deals on Ignited Literacy

Stick around at the end of the webinar Patti will share more about her Language arts full year curriculum and include some special deals exclusive to those that attend the webinar.

Meet Your Trainer

Patti Firth is a highly experienced teacher with 15 years of dedicated service in Ontario, Canada. Throughout her career, she has focused on educating students in grades 3-6, demonstrating a true passion for teaching through inquiry-based learning, differentiation, and student-responsive strategies.

Twelve years ago, when Patti was preparing to return to her classroom after a maternity leave, she encountered a new curriculum. In response to this challenge, she began creating resources for herself and later extended her support to other teachers through her website, Madly Learning. Over the years, Madly Learning has evolved into a thriving educational publishing company, catering to thousands of classrooms across Canada by offering high-quality, student-centered, and engaging resources.

Patti’s expertise extends beyond her extensive teaching experience; she holds specialist certifications in both reading and English as a second language. Her dedication to empowering fellow educators is evident as she leads webinar trainings for junior teachers in grades 3-6. In these sessions, she addresses the unique challenges faced in the middle grades from the perspective of a classroom teacher who is right there alongside them, navigating these issues every day.

Patti Firth’s commitment to education and her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of both students and teachers alike make her a true asset to the educational community in Canada and beyond.

We believe that teaching junior grades literacy shouldn’t be a mystery.  We want to allievate the stress and worry for teachers and show them that teaching literacy doesn’t have to be a daunting task

That when you follow a simple plan that meets new curriculums without reinventing the wheel. 

Don't miss this opportunity to Be Ready for Literacy This year!

Register now for our free webinar and be prepared for the changes that lie ahead of you.

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