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Exclusive Math PD Training Videos

Hey there, math whiz! Are you ready for the ultimate math party? Join us for our pop-up group and you'll get access to not one, not two, but THREE exclusive bonus trainings! Get ready to amp up your junior math classroom with all sorts of fun manipulatives. We'll also teach you the hottest tips and tricks for center activities that will have your students begging for more. And of course, we can't forget about assessments. We've got all sorts of cool tests and projects that will make learning math a blast! Don't miss out on this math-fueled adventure!

Math Classroom Prizes

Hey there, math wizards! Are you ready to put your brains to the test and win some awesome prizes for your classroom? Get excited because we've got organization bins, math manipulatives, gift cards, and even an apple watch up for grabs! All you need to do is join our escape room pop up event and get to escaping that wild math mayhem. Trust us, it's going to be a blast! Let's see who comes out on top and takes home those sweet rewards. Game on!

Escape Room Activities All Week Long

Oh my goodness, what could possibly be more delightful than an escape room extravaganza?! Trust me, it’s the ultimate way to spice up your math (and other subjects too!) learning experience. This pop up group has got you covered with an incredible escape room event that you won't want to miss - seriously, it's going to be amazing! Join in on the fun all week long as you explore this exciting way of learning. By the end of it, you'll be ready to bring this strategy into your own classroom and totally blow your students’ minds with your newfound expertise. Let's get our learning on - and have a blast while we do it!

Live Event Celebrations

Hey you! Yes, you! Forget what you've heard about boring math PD, because we're about to throw a party up in here! Our pop-up group event is going to be the ultimate hangout, with live and collaborative calls that will have you feeling like you're chatting with your besties. And the best part? You'll be connecting with other amazing teachers just like you and collaborating to get the support you need. So let's shake things up, break the monotony, and have some serious fun with PD! Who said math was boring? Not us!

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