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We are here to help you make good teaching easy with DONE FOR YOU Science and Social Studies Lessons

You need good quality lessons that are fun to teach, engaging to students and make you look and feel like a rockstar teacher everyday. 

More Than a Worksheet

Good teaching is more than a worksheet. All ignited lessons are designed with good teaching principles from lesson plan to student activities.

Keep Students Engaged in Learning

Student do better when they like what they are learning (and they are easier to manage) Bring fun back into your classroom with engaging lessons

Differentiated & Accommodated

All students are different so why are they learning all the same way? Students need choice and variety in their learning. Ignited lessons accommodate a wide variety of student learning needs.

Your Choice

Good teachers know their students so why not have the flexibility each month to choose which lessons you need for your classroom or you can follow our plans. Each Ignited lessons meets a variety of curriculum standards across Canada.


Ignited Lessons Club is a library of Canadian Lessons for grades 3-6 students made by Canadian Teachers, for Canadian Teachers.

Each month teacher members will earn club credits that can be used towards science or social studies Ignited Lessons within our club library. Lessons purchased within the club stay with the teacher and can be accessed even after the membership is cancelled.

Teachers can follow our premade long range plans or decide to choose the lessons that best suit their classroom needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join the Membership

The simple answer...because it's the easy button for your Canadian Science and Social Studies Lessons.  

Lessons within the Ignited Lessons Club give you the lessons you need and the variety you crave all in one place at your fingertips. 

You can go to other marketplaces and spend 20 min of your 40 min prep searching for  a lesson and finding American resources or basic worksheet packs...but why waste your time.  

Instead, check your club LRP, hop on over the the club shop, pick the next lesson and you are ready to go in less then 5 minutes. 

What if I already own Madly Learning Science and Social Studies resources

Well then welcome to the club.  Once the club is open we will load your previous purchases into your club account and you can start checking out the new and updated lessons and materials we are creating.  New resources will be added every month so you can stick with the ones you have or try something new. 

What if I Switch Grades?

That is the best part of the Ignited Lessons Club! You have access to the whole library and you can apply your Club Credits to new purchases in new grades each month.  

Have a student working below grade level or have a coverage class? Grab the lessons you need and you are ready to go. 

What if I teach a split grade?

We've thought about that too! 

We know that for many teachers teaching a split grade you need more time.  So we have created LRPs that look for lessons that can be taught in a flip flop method or the same lesson to the same group at the same time.  

Simply follow our plan or grab the lessons you think your students will love the most. 

Good Lessons for Good Teachers